Preschool Room

Facts about the Preschool Center

We offer care in two separate classrooms for children age three through kindergarten. Our classrooms are developmentally appropriate and follow a daily schedule.

Besides our year-round extended care, we offer three preschool classes that provide a more “formal” school setting and are scheduled during the nine-month school year. For a complete explanation, see the Preschool page..

What Parents Must Supply


Meals, extra clothes (seasonally appropriate) and socks.

Meals & Snacks

    • Breakfast and Lunch are provided by the children’s family.


    • We will serve breakfast to children if they arrive by 8:15am. The individual room schedules vary. Again, please talk to your child’s own teachers to find out details.


    • We will sit down together and talk as we each eat our own meals. We will work on using our manners, making conversation and using good eating habits while we dine.


  • Snacks are provided to the Preschool Room by Kings School Kids and they are eaten family-style.