Covid-19 Updates

Monday, 5/1/2023:

  • Masks will be requested to be worn if/when Allegheny County moves into the high transmission rate. Otherwise, masking will be on an as needed basis as well as any parent requests for their own child.
  • If an enrolled child or staff member should have Covid-19, they will be excused from the center and able to return with a doctor’s note which specifies the date to return and days requiring masking.

Monday, 4/4/2022:

Mask Policy Update:

We’ve been watching Covid-19 numbers continue to trend downward over the last few weeks and
believe we can relax the policy at this time. In doing so, we want to make the following points:

  1. We will support any family’s decision to have their child wear a mask.
    Please let us know if that is your intention so the staff is aware of your wishes.
  2. We will still take steps to maintain a safe environment including avoiding unnecessary close
    contact and careful cleaning and sanitizing.
  3. Staff will use their best judgment to determine when it would be a good idea for them to
    wear a mask at any time during the day and some will continue to wear one all day.
  4. We will reinstate the current policy if we feel it is necessary in the future.


Masks will continue to be worn by caregivers when holding, feeding, or changing a child.

Our staff agrees with this policy and support it 100%.

Compared to many other centers, we were late in getting to this point, and your patience and support
hasn’t gone unnoticed. Thank you!


Tuesday, 2/15/2022:


Please review the Covid-19 Policies for the operation of the daycare.


Please review the most recent Covid 19 Health and Safety Plan.


Thank you for your continued patience and support.